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dang it

2012-10-28 08:52:12 by velocitysonic

i can post art and i dont know why i tried to upload a pic of speed the hedgehog and it didnt work damn it damn it damn it


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2012-10-29 18:13:58

exactly how i felt when 2 eps of my old series didnt upload. Welcome to the club.

velocitysonic responds:



2012-10-30 15:13:24

By the way, ive been through the newgrounds rules lately, and i found

"You must be the owner and creator of the work you are submitting."

Maybe newgrounds reconized or mistok it for another.

velocitysonic responds:



2012-11-11 10:23:58

Ugh, i know. i try to upload a ton of pics, every time it says "crop your image" and doesn't even let me crop it.

velocitysonic responds:

for me it just says error and im just like AAAAAAARRRRRRGGGG